Found Images: a response to the Robinson collection

The image corrodes, history, memory and the world along with it.


In responding to the Robinson collection I sought out negatives that were corroded by time, bearing the inevitable signs age and decay. Ideas of deterioration and corrosion have always intrigued me; the brittle, worn, bitten, etched, scratched, faded, faltering surface collapsing in on itself as the image diminishes and disappears.  The works were a contemplation of the impermanence and beauty of life, the ambiguity of memory, and the image as gateway or signpost with the aim of creating a response evoking a haunting kind of melancholy


The archive itself is diverse containing images of public record, private celebration and moments of deep personal mourning. It’s a record of our triumphs and failures, within simultaneously intimate and objective documents.


I wanted to avoid nostalgia, that longing for an idealistic and incomplete past, and its inevitable futility - and rather sought to evoke a space within the image where the idea of memory could be experienced in its very broadest terms. Negatives depicting signs of natural entropy were collected as a vehicle to explore our own personal memory archive. Questions surfaced as to how we reshape and reinvent the past to align with our desire of a future.


There is a certainty that all our memories and past will disappear along with us, and that everything we have seen, witnessed, experienced, heard and shared will no longer float in this world once we are gone from it.